Epiqwest’s investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that equity markets are more volatile than many investors perceive and that most investors prefer not to remain fully invested through bear market pullbacks.  We believe that our job as financial advisors is to create portfolios that lower volatility.  This allows our clients to retain their investments through all market cycles while meeting long term growth objectives.  To achieve these goals we believe portfolios should to be constructed with multiple uncorrelated asset classes with strong growth potential.

We believe that our job as financial advisors is to create portfolios that lower volatility to the client’s true comfort level.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Active investing optimizes risk adjusted returns in ways that traditional “buy and hold” investment models don’t
  • Diversification across traditional and alternative asset classes, investment managers, and individual assets makes it possible to protect and conservatively grow wealth
  • Asset prices can deviate from asset values for long periods of time, creating both risk and opportunity.  Emphasizing long term returns instead of benchmarking allows investors to reduce risk and ultimately increase returns.
  • Superior investment managers exist, and we can, and do, find them through extensive due diligence
  • Building tax efficient portfolios provides additional efficiencies to the planning tools that we employ to assist our clients

At Epiqwest, we combine our core beliefs with the experience of our investment team to provide a highly customized investment solution for our clients.  Our independent corporate structure enables us to find the top investments regardless of platform or distribution structure.  If you’d like to explore what a customized plan might look like for you, contact us.