Understanding and meeting the unique needs of business owners is a specialty for us.

As business owners ourselves, we recognize that successful business owners face unique financial challenges.

As a business owner, your wealth is concentrated in a single asset, your business. That means you’re asking yourself questions such as:

  • How do I optimize current income to myself and my family?
  • How do I protect my wealth if my business is sued?
  • How do I retain as much value as possible when the business is sold?
  • How do I plan for retirement given I have no pension plan?
  • How do I transfer the most wealth possible to my beneficiaries, including my favorite charities?

Epiqwest has the expertise, resources, and strategic relationships that can help you keep more of what you’ve worked hard to create. Our business owner strategies have the biggest impact when coordinated with your personal wealth plan.

We continually work with estate, tax and other experts to identify new strategies that address the business owner’s biggest issues. Only the strategies that stand up to our intense evaluation become part of our suite of services.

To learn more about our strategies for business owners contact us.